I’m not sure Fyood is a real word, how do you pronounce it?

Maybe auto-correct isn’t quite on board with us yet, but we’re patient. As for pronunciation, it’s like feud with the spelling of food Kinda like if you were to feud, but with food…

What if I have specific dietary needs?

We do everything we can to accommodate people when they come to Fyood. If there’s an ingredient or type of food that you can’t eat or don’t want to cook with, please let us know when booking your tickets. We’ve done vegetarian nights, we’ve done dairy free nights. We want everyone to have fun and be comfortable in the kitchen! If you have more specific questions or requests, drop us an email at info@fyoodkitchen.com


How long are events?

Our typical events run about three hours long. That being said, we can tailor events to fit whatever time-frame you’d like. Rounds can be shortened, lengthened or omitted to best suit the Fyood experience you’re looking for.


How big are events?

As with the time, the size of events can be whatever works best for the players. We’ve found that the sweet spot is between 9 and 16. Some smaller groups in the past have gone with self-judging which has worked and lets everyone cook. We’ll do our best to make Fyood work for whatever size of group wants to come play.


What do I need to bring?

Shoes. That’s actually pretty much it. As we’re in a working kitchen, we require closed-toed shoes and head coverings. We’ll provide hats at the event, but if you’ve a particularly lucky hat, this is probably the time to bring it out. We’ve got an ever-expanding arsenal of kitchen tools and a stocked pantry. All we ask of you is to show up, bring shoes, and have fun playing with your food!


Do you serve alcohol at your events?

We work with Fork Food Lab to provide bar service for events that are looking for it, so if you’d like, you’re welcome to channel your inner Julia.


Do we use recipes?

Where’s the fun in that? We’ve got thermometers and meat and fish cooking charts (salmonella inhibits the fun times process), but beyond that you’re free to do what you will with your mystery ingredients.


Is there a crowd/audience?

Typically no. Events take place in a commercial kitchen and as such don’t have a dedicated space for an audience. However, if you’ve got friends interested in coming to watch the fun, let us know. We think Fyood is super fun to watch, maybe they will too.


What if I don’t cook much?

We’re hoping to help change that! There is no cooking experience necessary to play Fyood. You know what tastes good to you. Make that! Probably the judges will also think it tastes good. You really can’t go wrong in Fyood Kitchen by going with your gut. And you go even less wrong by trying something new!


Can kids play?

Anyone over the age of 12 is welcome to come play in Fyood Kitchen. We do require that anyone under 18 is accompanied by a chaperone. We’ve done kids’ birthday parties in the past and had a blast! We’d be thrilled to do more!


Can I book a private event?

Yup. If you’ve got a party of at least nine and you want Fyood all to yourself (we totally get it) just shoot us an email at party@fyoodkitchen.com


Do I have to cook?

Absolutely not. We at Fyood support all types of food appreciation and value the work done at our events by those who judge. Whether you cook or judge, we hope that you’re trying something new!


The website is broken!

Not a question, but important nonetheless. Quick, email support@fyoodkitchen.com so we can fix it!