Fast Fyood: Popeye’s

Welcome to the first ever (probably?) Fast Fyood post! This is the beginning of a series we’re super excited about where we have a little fun Fyooding at home with ingredients from fast food restaurants.

For our debut posting, Maddie takes on a mystery basket from our local Louisiana Kitchen. Fast Fyood rules are basically the same as those for Fyood proper, Maddie has 45 minutes to transform her mystery ingredients into a dish that tastes great, looks great, and is creative great. Check out the pictures below to see how she does!


Clockwise from the top left we have: Red beans and rice, Cajun fish, some biscuits, and good old cole slaw. #whatwouldyoumake

Red beans and rice require careful contemplation.


Getting that mise in place.

Protip for all of our Fyoodies out there: If you’re unsure about where to start while fyooding, just start here.

You can make anything into a noodle if you believe in yourself.


For real, you want to be sure what you’re in for before you start messing with red beans and rice. #respecttheredbeans


Tryna get these quickled pickly.




Would that every salad could be dressed with coleslaw.


Beginning the final assembly.

A bacon interlude so y’all can catch your breath.

Back to the action.


After proper deference is paid, it’s finally time to tackle those red beans and rice.

We’ve got: biscuit panzanella with a coleslaw dressing, cajun fish wrapped in pickled veggies briefly poached in white wine, and red beans and rice croquettes.


Well gosh, thanks for checking this out! We had tons of fun doing this and are already planning another run.

What would you have done with those ingredients? What did you think of the plating? Need to shout from the rooftops your newfound reverence for red beans and rice? Let it all out in the comments below. And stay tuned for more from Fyood Kitchen!


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