What is Fyood?


Have you ever wondered if your cuisine would reign supreme?

If you like to cook, or you like to eat, or you like food in general, Fyood might be the cooking competition of your dreams.

We believe that everyone can cook great food creatively. Fyood provides excellent local ingredients, top-notch equipment, and an environment that lets players do the rest. We inspire people to cook confidently and enjoy their food to the fullest.

At Fyood Kitchen, cooks transform their mystery ingredients into delicious dishes, using a fully-stocked pantry and the beautiful professional kitchen at Fork Food Lab in Portland. When time’s up, the judges give their feedback based on presentation, taste and creativity, and cooks have the opportunity to try everyone else’s dishes, too.

You can play as a cook or a judge – no fancy culinary experience required!

At Fork Food Lab, you’ll be able to cook on high-quality specialty equipment including an ice cream machine, blow torch, grill top, and more.

We also provide a varied pantry full of fresh seasonal produce, dairy, baking supplies, spices, condiments and dry goods. We’re cultivating relationships with local Maine farmers and makers, and plan to feature their products in our mystery baskets.

Fyood gives you all the best parts of cooking, like tons of ingredients, kitchen tools and equipment – and none of the drawbacks. We do the grocery shopping and the washing up so you can focus on the creative side of things, have a drink and enjoy yourself. Bon appetit!

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