Ingredient Partners

While we’re looking to give our participants a challenge, we don’t want to stack the deck entirely against them. To this end, we’re trying to give them the best possible ingredients to start with.

Where better to look for these ingredients than right at home in Maine?

Our goal is to work with as many local producers as is practicably possible to stock our pantry and mystery baskets with the best food and drinks we can get our hands on. So, if you’re looking to get your product in front of food-minded people, click one of the links below and let’s get started!


As one of our mystery ingredients, your product would be presented, along with three other ingredients, for the participants to transform into their final dish.

Get your product featured in our Mystery Basket!


With a Pantry Partnership, your product will be featured, event after event, in our ingredient pantry for participants to use in making their dishes.

Become a Pantry Partner!