Friends working together in creative cooking competition party idea

cook like a pro in our industrial KITCHEN

You and your friends will face off in our state-of-the-art shared kitchen space at Fork Food Lab in Portland, Maine. It's fully stocked with everything you need to bring your dish to life. Everything but a recipe, that is. What you make is up to you!


four MYSTERY Ingredients per round

Both rounds (sweet and savory) begin by opening your mystery basket. All four ingredients must make it into your final dish in some way. You will have access to a fully stocked pantry to let your creativity fly, but when the time is up, the mixing spoons go down.

Mystery ingredient basket featuring Moxie and grape leaves at amateur cookoff party
Bachelorette and birthday dinner party after cooking in the professional kitchen

Multi-Course Meal with friends

Once time is up, everyone sits down to enjoy each other's food. Your dish will get scored on creativity, flavor, presentation and more. Best of all, when your bellies are full, we take care of the clean up!


Frequently Asked Questions

+ How many people do I need to book an event?

The size of events can be whatever works best for the players. We’ve found that the sweet spot is between 9 and 16. Smaller groups in the past have gone with self-judging which lets everyone cook. Others have used a separate judging panel, allowing folks to participate in a different way. We’ll do our best to make Fyood work for whatever size of group you have in mind.

+ When are you open?

Whenever you want to come play!

+ Where are events held?

72 Parris St, Portland, ME

+ Do I need experience?


+ What about allergies or other dietary concerns?

We do everything we can to accommodate people when they come to Fyood. If there’s an ingredient or type of food that you can’t eat or don’t want to cook with, please let us know when booking your tickets. We’ve done vegetarian nights, we’ve done dairy free nights. We want everyone to have fun and be comfortable in the kitchen! If you have more specific questions or requests, drop us an email at

+ How much does it cost?

Every event is unique. Call us!