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Our Story

Food has always brought people together. Restaurants, tailgating, cookouts, dinner parties, passing around a bag of chips while watching a movie. There is no shortage of excuses for enjoying food with friends.

The idea of Fyood Kitchen came to Maddie after playing a similar game with friends in Brunswick, Maine. How has something that can be this much fun turned in to a chore? Why is it that the majority of enjoying food is done from the consumer side? These ideas sat with Maddie, like an unwatched pot of water, and started to simmer.

Things boiled over in August 2016. Maddie left her office job to focus full time on bringing what would become Fyood to life.

To make sure the idea wasn’t entirely insane and that it might be something people enjoyed doing, she ran a few test events out of her apartment with some culinary-minded friends. Emboldened by their response, Maddie began taking steps to build Fyood into the event that she had been envisioning from the start.

One of the first steps was to find a location to run events that was more suitable than an apartment kitchen. Luckily, one such place DOES exist. Fork Food Labs, in the heart of Portland’s Bayside neighborhood, is essentially a cooking playground. With tables, cooking equipment and burner space enough to accommodate even the most ambitious Fyoodie, it was the perfect place to field test the Fyood model.

In October, Fyood ran a full blown event at Fork. This event, and the test events that followed it, were encouraging and allowed us to refine the way we run events. Seeing Fyood in action gave us a great sense of where we are and how to get to where we want to be.

After four months of testing and a successful Kickstarter campaign, Fyood is live and waiting for you to come play!

To keep tabs on us, check us out on Facebook or sign up for the Newsletter! We hope to see you in the Kitchen soon!

The First Three Fyoodies!

The First Three Fyoodies!

Not too shabby as debuts go.

Not too shabby as debuts go.